Ramadan Mubarak

This Ramadan begins during a time when all of our mosques remain closed. The Imam Council, which is part of the MCGH, recently met to review the matters related to Ramadan and has issued a ramadan advisory which details the changes that must be undertaken by the various mosques administered by the member organizations of the MCGH.

In order to assist the community in these times, the Imams have arranged several daily activities throughout the month of Ramadan:

Please note as per the Imam Council Advisory, there will not be any Taraweeh prayers held at any mosques which are administered by MCGH member organizations. It is strongly advised to establish the Taraweeh Prayers at home for household members only as per the Public Health orders.

Please find below detailed schedules of the various activities happening on a weekly basis:

  • Daily Tilawaat Sessions: Join our Hufaaz, and Imams of the city as they hold four sessions daily (after Fajr, 1pm, 7:30pm, before Isha).  Goal is to have Khatmul Quran, twice this Ramadan. These sessions will be streamed live on Facebook and MAH Youtube ChannelDetailed Schedule Available here
  • Daily English Talk Session (6 – 6:45pm): Schedule available here
  • Daily Arabic Talk Session (5 – 5:45pm): Schedule available here
  • Farsi Talk Sessions (3 – 3:45pm): Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Schedule available here
  • Urdu Talk Sessions (4 – 4:45pm): Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Schedule available here
  • Somali Talk Sessions (2 – 2:45pm): Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Schedule available here
  • Daily Kahoot Competition for Children (7pm): Zoom
  • Daily Social Reminders by Youth on Social Media
  • Tafsir of the Last Surahs (Tue – Sunday, 2:30 – 3pm): Imam Abdullah will conduct this session on Zoom

Unless specified above for any activity, all Talk Sessions will be conducted using the following Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/98977309916


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