Who We Are

The Muslim Council of Greater Hamilton, or MCGH for short, was founded in summer of 2009 as a collective forum for all major Islamic centres found within the Greater Area of Hamilton.

In keeping with the Islamic traditions, the Council commits to promoting and upholding the following fundamental values:

  • Humility, respect and steadfastness
  • Openness in communication
  • Non-violence of thought, word and deed
  • Recognize, honour and value diversity (racial, cultural, and linguistic, etc.)
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Fairness and transparency
  • Unity, teamwork, and collaboration
  • Focus on what unites communities, not what divides
  • Respect for the autonomy of individual member institutions


To help improve the lives of Muslims in the region and to enhance their contribution to society at large.


The MCGH will strive to protect, promote and enhance the understanding of Islam and Muslims in matters of public policy, education, peace and safety.